7 Things Entrepreneurs and Athletes have in Common

7 Things Entrepreneurs and Athletes have in Common

Athletes and entrepreneurs are cut from the same cloth. This is no surprise given that both their careers are extremely demanding. They need to be mentally strong and very determined in order to thrive in their different fields.

Although the price for excellence is heavy, the results are more than rewarding for both athletes and entrepreneurs. Here is how these two are alike:

Similarities between Athletes and Entrepreneurs

An Understanding of Sacrifice

NextStep - Similarities Between Athletes & Entrepreneurs is SacrificeAthletes and entrepreneurs both understand the importance of sacrifice. They know that without pain, there are really no gains.

For an athlete, sacrifice may take the form of waking up very early in the morning, and running the extra mile even when they are dog- tired. Sacrifice means practicing their sport even when their whole body is against it. It means making their sport a top priority in their lives at the expense of more pleasurable activities.

For entrepreneurs, sacrifice means putting in extra hours at work in a bid to fulfill their dream. It means making investments in the new product or service they wish to provide, even when there are risks involved. It involves trying to convince even the most cynic people that their idea is worth a try.

A High Level of Mental Resilience

Another trait that is common to both entrepreneurs and athletes is their ability to bounce back from failure quickly. They understand that failure is not a permanent predicament. To them, it is just a stepping stone on the path to success.

They view failure as an opportunity to learn, instead of throwing themselves pity parties. If their product does not sell as they expected, an entrepreneur will seek to know how they can improve it for better sales rather than beating themselves down.

An athlete who does not win a competition will seek to practice harder so as to win the next time rather than give up. Failure is for them just a temporary setback.

A Passion for Their Craft

What truly sets great entrepreneurs and athletes apart is their undying passion for their craft or business. They love what they do, and this love goes beyond money. They are not in the business to make money; they are there because it means the world to them.

This is why even in the event of failure, they find it easy to bounce back. They are constantly driven to achieve excellence in their field because they love it. If they get any monetary gains from their work, that is just but an added bonus.

A Strong Desire to Succeed

Another of the common traits between entrepreneurs and athletes is their ineffable desire to succeed. To them, success is the ultimate goal and they will do whatever it takes to achieve it.

An entrepreneur who wants their company to become an international brand will not rest until they have accomplished this goal. An athlete who wants to win a given competition will keep trying until they have won it.

These achievers are rarely ever discouraged in their bid to succeed. If others criticize them in a bid to intimidate or kill their morale, the advice of the naysayers falls on deaf ears. There is no sacrifice that is too big compared to their goals.

A Willingness to Constantly Learn/ Improve

Athletes and entrepreneurs are always looking for opportunities to learn or improve their skills. They learn from failure, competitors and even veterans in their fields. If they are offered constructive criticism, they listen and put the lessons to practice.

They also constantly evaluate their own performance. Even if they are on a winning streak, they will always find something to improve on. To them, there is no larger room in the world than that for improvement.

A Game Plan for Their Life/ Career

They also have a plan for their life, and they follow it to the best of their ability. They have set their priorities right. They make time for the things that matter in their lives.

They also set goals and give themselves time to achieve them. If you ask them, they will tell you exactly where they want to be in five years.

They do not believe in the power of fate to shape their lives. They are proactive and try to create and define their lives themselves.


Entrepreneurs and athletes are without a shred of doubt from the same breed. They have a lot of traits in common, mostly centered on their desire to succeed. They know how to think and act like winners, which is why they are often successful.

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