I’ve been there. I’ve burnt out. I pushed myself too hard. I focused too much on my financial success and not the success of my health and fitness.

Then one day I decided to step back. To re-set and approach life in a more positive and fulfilling way. I still believe in being successful. But success now means so much more.

Success can’t just relate to one area of your life. You can’t be successful in business, but a lousy friend. You can be extremely fit and healthy but not hold down a steady job.

The challenge with all of this however is finding balance. How do you do that in today’s world? There are hundreds of distractions being thrown at us every day. Media, images and TV shows telling us how we should be or act.

It can all get too much.

I invite you to take a step back like I did and look at the bigger picture. How do you want to remember you life when you are 80, 90 or 100 years old.

Will you wish you worked more allnighters? Will you wish you gave up on friends and family to fit in one more gym session?

No you won’t. People everywhere struggle with balance.

I was one of them.

But this blog, my thoughts, and the words I write are about re-setting that expectation and creating a movement where we are able to find balance in all of our lives. To focus on all the things that matter and to achieve the things we set out to do.

This blog primarily covers three key areas:

  • Personal health and wellbeing
  • Exercise and maintaining an active lifestyle
  • How to be successful in your professional life

I invite you along for this journey and hope you find some insight in my words.