How to Avoid a Burnout If You Have a Busy Schedule

How to Avoid a Burnout If You Have a Busy Schedule

Have you ever arrived at work and felt absolutely no desire to do your job? Or maybe the very thought of working fills you with dread. If your answer to either of these questions is yes, then you are most probably experiencing a burnout.

It is quite common for people to suffer from a burnout. However, the effects of burning out can be so far reaching that some may be tempted to give up. But with a little help, you can successfully overcome this barrier and get back to being a cheerful worker.

What are the Effects of a Burnout?


Perhaps the most common yet profound effect of a burnout is a drop in one’s efficiency. Tasks that you could easily handle before now become impossible to complete. You start forgetting important details that you never forgot before.

Or maybe you spend too much time on projects that you finished within no time. Eventually, you may get so behind with your work that it appears to be unmanageable to you.


How to Avoid a Burnout If You Have a Busy Schedule - Tired

This can be both physical and emotional fatigue. When you experience a burnout, you may get tired easily or for no reason. Remember that stress makes your body susceptible to a number of conditions, fatigue being one of them.


Ultimately, a burnout will make you have a negative attitude towards work and yourself in general. You may start doubting your ability to handle tasks that you could previously handle without a second thought. Or you may suddenly get convinced that your job is a huge waste of time and that nothing good will ever come out of it.

How to Avoid Burning Out

Set Achievable Goals

One of the reasons why people feel overwhelmed by their jobs is that they set goals that are far beyond their, or anyone’s, reach. Learn that it is alright to make mistakes. Quit aiming for perfection.

When you sit down to set goals, make sure they are some you can achieve. The feeling of accomplishment you get from achieving goals can help lift you out of the pit of despair.

Learn to Say No

Another way to avoid burning out is learning how to say no. Avoid spreading yourself too thin in a bid to impress or even genuinely help others.

If you already have too much on your plate, kindly turn down any more jobs that others may want to give you. Your assertiveness will certainly help you avoid burning out.

Break Work into Sections

If you have a lot of work that you need to finish, break it into chunks. For instance, decide to work for a couple of hours on a certain project and then take a break. Afterwards, you can resume feeling more rejuvenated to handle more work.

Change Location Often

If you can, change your work location every now and then. A change in location can help you feel better about your work. It can also help you think differently about projects that may be draining you.


How to Avoid a Burnout If You Have a Busy Schedule - Meditate

Finally, make a habit of meditating every once in a while. It could be fifteen minutes every day or one hour a week, but you simply must make time for meditation. And even if you don’t want to sit down alone with your thoughts, then take a walk, or even run: it serves the same purpose.

Meditation helps you reflect on various issues affecting your life, even those that are not work related. As you meditate on them, you may also find brilliant solutions to them.

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