What We Can Learn From Elon Musk

What We Can Learn From Elon Musk

Elon Musk is a household name synonymous with technological advancement and innovation. He has been making headlines because of his various companies’ breakthroughs in science and technology. In 2016,

Forbes named him one of The World’s Most Powerful People and in 2017, his net worth has reportedly exceed $20 Billion.

But before his recent successes, he began with a simple dream, opening a small web software company, Zip2, with his brother. He dropped out of graduate school because he saw the potential of the internet to be a major influence on humanity. He was eventually bought out and later founded X.com (which would eventually become PayPal).

Because of his love for space technology, he later founded SpaceX, a company that has pushed the boundaries of rocket technology with their relatively affordable rockets. He is also well known for his involvement with Tesla electric cars, SolarCity, and the ironically-named The Boring Company.

As a man of many skills and achievements, Elon Musk has, by example, imparted many life lessons that anyone with a dream and determination can learn.

1. He follows his passion

Even as a student, he worked hard to get himself through college. He was said to have rented out the house where he was staying to host parties, charging $5 per head to help him pay his monthly rent. It was this natural entrepreneurial skill that got him out of trouble when he would fall on hard times in his life.

Space technology has always been a passion of Elon Musk. Even when he started out in a different field, he proceeded to pursue his dream with SpaceX.

He challenged the boundaries of space travel by conceptualizing a rocket design at a mere fraction of the cost of current models. Even with the failure of his first few rocket launches, he stuck to his vision and put in the work to eventually get his desired results.

2. He chases big problems

Elon Musk may have always just been fascinated with technology, but he goes beyond the regular sci-fi fan by using his talents and ideas with a greater good in mind.

For example, his pursuit of affordable space travel is in service to his dream of expanding human life and consciousness. His end goal is to provide humankind with more options beyond the conventional.

Another example would be his projects with Tesla. His electric cars hope to solve the world’s pollution problem and would contribute to the well-being of other people. With SolarCity (a Tesla subsidiary), he provides an alternative energy source by manufacturing full-service and commercial solar panels.

Recently, he has started to envision a “fifth” mode of transport, called the Hyperloop. It would be fast, energy-efficient, and environment-friendly.

3. He understands that he has responsibility for the outcome.

As a leader, Elon Musk understands that the stakes are even higher for his companies than regular ones because of the size of investment and amount of resources funneled into his projects. Because of that, he feels the weight of his responsibility and makes sure to see his projects through to success, preserving his integrity and the trust of his investors.

Undeniably, he is hands-on in his approach. He was even known to sleep on the factory floor when a project would face some issues, refusing to relax until the problem has been resolved.

4. He knows that as the CEO he has responsibility for the success of the company and doesn’t pass blame onto others.

His leadership style has always been about accountability and being on top of every issue. He has once said that he believes in leading “from the front lines”. He claims he doesn’t have one set desk or room like a typical CEO. He moves his desk and working environment to “wherever the biggest problem is in Tesla”. That way, he can see right away if there are problems and can quickly address them.

He has even taken responsibility over his own children’s education, leaving nothing to chance in terms of their learning. He opened a private school for them which he runs from the SpaceX office in Los Angeles.

It is no surprise, then, that with his work ethic and principles, Elon Musk has become one of the
most successful and iconic individuals of the modern age.

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