How to Find Time to Exercise as a Busy Executive

How to Find Time to Exercise as a Busy Executive

Exercise is exceedingly important in anyone’s life. For one thing, it helps improve mood, boost energy and promote better sleep. This in turn promotes workplace productivity.

Unfortunately however, most executives rarely find the time to exercise. Some just lack the willpower; for others, they simply lack the time. With tight schedules and an excess of work, it is easy to understand why an executive may find it difficult to spend an hour at the gym every so often.

But who says that to exercise you need to go to the gym? You can still convert some of your daily tasks into great exercise routines.

Here are a few ways to get some exercise as a busy executive:

Block Out Time in your Diary for Exercise

There is no denying that finding time to exercise every day as an executive can be difficult. What with all the things that come up unexpectedly and demand your full attention? It is easy to swap exercise for work emergencies.

Commitment requires blocking out time in your schedule for exercise, no matter what kind. It doesn’t matter whether you wish to exercise first thing in the morning or right after work. What matters is honoring your commitment to exercise at your chosen time.

Unless it really is a life and death situation, avoid allowing other activities to take up your exercise time. And even if they do, make sure to compensate for the lost exercise session.

Opt to Walk or Ride to Work

Rather than drive or catch the bus to work, opt to do something more engaging. Walk to work often if it is within walking distance. Or you could also ride your bike to work.

Starting your day with some kind of exercise can be immensely beneficial. Remember that exercise can boost your productivity and efficiency a great deal, which is why you ought to consider walking or riding to work.

Besides, it really won’t cost you a thing in terms of money to engage in either of these activities. If anything, you could end up saving a lot of the money you might have used to pay for gas or the busfare.

Walk on Your Lunch Break – Alone or with Staff

Another great way to exercise is to take walks during your lunch break. This ensures that you do actually take your break, and get some exercise too. It is quite difficult to give in to work demands during your lunch hour if you are outside, isn’t it?

You can also invite other members of your staff for your walk during lunch break. This is an amazing way to connect with them and even brainstorm on different challenges affecting your organization.

Incorporate a Healthy Culture at Your Workplace

You should also consider making your workplace a conducive place for exercise. For instance, you can get a personal trainer to guide your staff through an exercise routine at the start of the day.

Alternatively, you could organize sport competitions with other companies in your area. The spirit of competition will have you and your workmates exercising and training to make sure you come out on top.

Use the Time you Drop your Children at Sport Facilities to Exercise

If your children play a certain sport, then you can spend the time you wait for them at sports facilities exercising. For instance, rather than go to wait for them at a restaurant, you can opt to join them in the swimming pool. Or if they play football, you can exercise at the oval while they play their game.

As an executive, finding time to exercise can be quite difficult, but it is far from impossible. You only need to open your eyes to the countless opportunities that are available for exercising.

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